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  • 06-07-2019
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Give a rest to your thinking because you are at the right place. ExamKiosk is a powerful web based online exam software which enables educators, professionals & survey organizers to manage their questions & conduct an online exam.

Create Professional Tests/Exam

Take the Pain out of Creating and Grading Test,Exam kiosk is suitable for Employers, Coaching Centers, Recruiters, Schools or anyone looking for assessments. Exam kiosk web-enables your existing tests/quizzes, and enhances their utility. You will continue to retain the flexibility of off-line testing. CREATE ONLINE TEST/EXAM

Create tests/quizzes with various types of question You can create unlimited number of questions, test. it support mainly four type of questions:

  • Multiple options single answer.
  • Multiple options Multiple answers
  • Short answers
  • Long text answers
  • Coutomisation

Question bank Question Bank is the heart of this application. It is one kind of database where you can store unlimited numbers of questions of different subjects. While creating test, you have to just select questions from question bank mean no need to create same question twice for another test.

Attempt Test During test user can view time remaining (H:MS), can jump to any question. user can mark any question as review letter. There are different color assigned to questions seen, unseen, current question & review later questions.

Manage users and administrators You can add, edit or delete any user and make any user as administrator. user can be managed by group also.

Result System provide result of any test instantly after submitting if test does not contain any long answer. Long answers needs to evaluate manually by moderator or administrator. User can also view correct answers (if allow in test config.). user can print and send result in email. Result view generate unique QR code for every result. It helps any third party to confirm (verify) user’s result. To do this person have to scan QR code by smart phone application then it redirect to result page at your website (it doesn’t require any login)


  1. Create Test/Quiz You can create test with following parameters:
  2. Test Name & Description.
  3. Test start time and end time. it use to make the test available in given time..
  4. Time duration for test like 60 minutes.
  5. Credit field helps you to conduct paid test.For eg. You created test for 100 credit. to access that test user must have their account credit equal or above to 100. currently credit can be added manually to user account by administrator or moderator..
  6. Maximum attempts: Number of attempts a user can make..
  7. Shuffle questions order in test..
  8. Evaluate result: Result can be evaluated by two method: Minimum percentage to pass the test and grading system.In grading system you can create unlimited number of grades by providing minimum and maximum range of percentage.
  9. You can assign test to one or more than one groups.
  10. You can select scores for correct and incorrect answers. it also makes test with negative marking.
  11. Allow to view answer after test


Result display instantly after submitting quiz. user can view correct answers of questions. Column Chart & Pie Chart for user performance. Administrator can generate CSV report of results by selecting group , quiz name and date range. An email will be sent to user email address with result score.

Capture user photo while attempting quiz Now you can capture user photo just before starting any quiz. This feature is used as external plugin (Developed by webcamjs ). You can disable this plugin in config.php file. It requires latest browsers IE 10+, Chrome 37+, Firefox 32+ .

You can remove back link and our brand name easily. No domain name restriction.We provide 100% source code without any encryption. you can fully customize it.

 PDF Certificate

Generate pdf file of certificate of result.

 Language translation

Now it is easy to translate language of complete application (except validation error messages). You can change language in single file located at /application/language/english/basic_lang.phh

Import Questions

You can import question through MS Excel and MS Word file. Excel file importer support all question type with text only content. MS Word importer support 'Multiple choice single answer and Multiple choice multiple answer' type questions with text and image content. Note: It doesn't support special character or drwaing content.
Click here to download sample MS excel file.
Click here to download sample MS word file.

Paid Group with Payment gateway

You can create paid group. user have to pay online to register for paid group. It support paypal and payumoney payment gateway.

Live Classroom

Live classroom to share live text with users. Any text typing by admin will be visible instantly to online users. Admin can attach/share any file (image, pdf, ppt, doc etc..) under live classroom. To know more try online demo. *PAID ADDON.

Server Requirments 

  • PHP 5X.
  • MYSQL.
  • Java Enable.
  • Support All Brouser

Installing the script: 1. unzip and upload all files in a folder on your website. Please note that you can upload the files in any other folder but we will use "script" folder name in the instructions below.

2. open, where is the domain name for your website. Installation wizard will ask you to complete few steps and will install the script .

3. delete "install.php" file

4. login at To use system you will need a modern browser with JavaScript support enabled. websiteshelter script has been tested on many known browsers We have very basic server requirements. Basicly every major hosting provider will meet this requirements.We recommend to find cPanel based hosting provider!

Modification-AddOn 1. Custom script Modifications and Coding Contact us "Ask about customizing Software to meet YOUR needs " You can purchase the 'as-is' versions of our scripts or you can also request a custom modification. We use our basic PHP scripts as a base to build on custom scripts exactly how the client see it and do it quickly and professionally. We offer professional programming services and deliver high standard custom solutions and nothing less .Upon request and for a reasonable fee we can do almost all kinds of changes to our products. Contact us ! 2. Support and Upgradtion One-Year FREE Updates thereafter See Price 3. Installation Free One Time Your suggestions team values your feedback and product suggestions. This is why we created this website section where you can share your thoughts with us and others. We read and take into consideration every suggestion received. Become part of our R&D team, start suggesting ! WEB IDEAS.

Android application Android App

which fetch the data from web application (Examkiosk installed on your server). Android App has user side (not admin side) features like: 1) User login and New Registration
2) Quiz list
3) Attempt Quiz
4) Result List
5) Change Password and Logout
6) Share
7) Your Brand Name (App Name)
8) Your Logo & Launch Icon

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