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  • 11-07-2019
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Online Hotel Booking System is powerful booking engine for single hotel. Powerful hotel reservation system with real time availability and room booking functionality. You can easily integrate with your website or new template. You can manage room, room types, capacity, hotel rates with different date range and month wise advance payment feature. Online reservation manager at the back-end with invoices.
Feature List:

Room Manager
You can insert unlimited number of room based on room-type and capacity. Also you can insert maximum child in a room at the time of room insert but that feature is optional. you can leave blank if you don’t need child feature.

Room Type
You can insert unlimited room-type with facilities and unlimited image based on room type, capacity.

Price Plan Manager
Insert price with day wise (e.g. mon , tue, wed …) and also you can insert unlimited seasonal price of a room-type by date range.

Special Offer
Define unlimited special offer by date range based on room type and minimum night(optional). special offer calculate upon define percent (%)deduct from based price.

Advance Payment
Here you can define percent( ) in each month where advance payment calculate define percent( ) of total price.

Booking List
You can View active Booking & booking archive by date range. also you can do cancel booking , price invoice and complete booking details with client details.

Customer Look-up
Get complete list of customer with booking list of particular client.

Calendar View
Script included two type of calendar view, one is admin side where you can view total number of room availability in each day. another is front-end search result where you can view availability of room with price in each day.

Payment Gateway
Script included six payment gateway. two gateway is manual and 4 is live.
Stripe (card capture and charge both option)
Manual : Pay on Arrival
Offline Credit Card (No PCI Complains – use in your own risk). Offline credit card payment gateway (valid credit card will store for booking confirmation , not charge real-time.).

Script included 16 language. Multilingual features for both admin and front-end. you can set anyone as default language. Also you can delete language which you not need and can be add if you need another by copy & converting any language file.
we use Google translator for translate.

Multiple Currency
You can insert unlimited currency with auto exchange rate calculate by goggle calculator. also you can setup cronjob for auto exchange rate update everyday.

Room Blocking
Room Blocking in particular date range. i.e. booking from desk and phone blocking feature will be use. its similar like fronend booking but no client details.

Some Other features
Customer login system with forget password.
Confirmation and cancellation email content can be edit from admin panel.
After successful booking email notification both hotel owner and customer with invoice.
different type of date format
hotel time zone setting
minimum night booking
Booking engine turn on/off
Maximum Booking Year setting
Price display with Including/Excluding Tax
Front-end with nice progress bar throughout the wizard
In the front end have a nice image slider of room-type images and offer mark icon.
Multiple room booking
Guests can book more than one room with a single reservation. During the booking process, users will see the available rooms for the chosen period and will have the opportunity to select one or more rooms and the number of guests.
User-level access
Using our hotel reservation script you can create unlimited user accounts and restrict staff access by assigning them as Editors. Editors can only manage reservations but do not have access to the options and settings.

Online Hotel Booking System

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